The main effect of humic acid that can effectively control the opening and closing of stomata to reduce transpiration, and thus increase crop drought resistance. Drought humic water-saving products is an important material support rainfed agriculture is to establish efficient water-saving agriculture fully staffed practical agricultural technology products.
According to February 2009 the State Council announced the “People’s Republic of China and Drought Relief Regulations”, 2011 Central Document No. 1, “the CPC Central Committee and State Council on the decision to accelerate the development of water reform,” and in November 2011 the State Council, “National Drought Plan” spirit, combined with humic acid Drought section Aquaculture characteristics, last Dec. 21 China Humic Acid Industry Association issued to the whole industry, “drought-resistant water-saving products humic acid bidding approach”, and the country was drought-resistant water-saving products humic acid bidding activity. Bidding Office carefully reviewed by the Association, Shaanxi Dingtian humic Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. and other economic 6 units selected for the first batch of humic acid and Drought Resistance products manufacturing enterprises. January 9 this year, China Humic Acid Industry Association, respectively, to the Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Agriculture, Science and Technology, the National Drought Relief Headquarters, the National Agricultural Technology Promotion Center and other departments and professional bodies Drought, recommended the first batch of humic acid drought and saving water products manufacturing enterprises. We hope that the relevant state departments and agencies to promote the use of humic acid and Drought Resistance products for agricultural drought relief work services.
China Humic Acid Industry Association, said, will work with the National Drought humic water-saving products manufacturing enterprises, the initiative to communicate with the national and local government departments and professional bodies and coordinate drought resistance, seize the opportunity to save the drought, drought-resistant water-saving products play humic advantages, fully into the first line of agricultural drought-resistant, drought-resistant to win this battle and make new contributions.