Saint Humic Acid is specialized in Humic acid,sodium humate,potassium humate,nitro humic acid,potassium fulvate ,fulvic acid manufacturing and marketing,established in the year of 2010,We have established our own R&D center in Suzhou and have branch office in Henan and Beijing.


We focus on research&develop, manufacturing Humic Acid with the application in  Agriculture, Environment Protection, Animal Feed, Healthcare. As of now, we are trying to develop many kinds of products to create the best solutions for customers over the world.

Production capacity of up to 100,000 tons each year.


We have more worldwide customers from more than 90 countries worldwide like US, Australia, New Zealand, Mid-East, and Asian Countries.


With an expert team that has more than 17 years in the Humic acid industry, we pride as the top companies for providing qualified products for customers over the years.

We pursuit a good reputation by offering the best products and solutions for customers at a reasonable price. With our continuous efforts in R&D, Marketing & Customer services, therefore we will continuously grow in the future.


Our Humic acids R&D team is guided by famous humic acid expert who has worked in this field for 17 years,which make strong expertise to guarantee our quality.Our fertilizer R&D teach is guided by one experienced technician who have more than 10 years working experience to make sure our formulation is effective and cost saving.

Our team member is experienced and innovative to create new solution and products.Our R&D have good mangement of Quality control department to make sure all of products are qualified and stable,now our products has already good market overseas.


Focus on its R&D and application in Scientific Agriculture farming,Animal feed,Environment Protection and Health care.

In Agriculture ,carbon fertilizer series .Carbon rich base fertilizer,carbon rich base fertilizer plus,carbon source fertigation, carbon guardian and so on.

Animal feed ,we have additives for poultry,caws and goat,fish shrimp and so on .

For environment production we conducted a wide range of work like polluted soil and water recovery and increase soil carbon to decrease CO2 in air.

For healthcare,we have black gold powder and injection to remove toxins from body and also have function for blood.

After sales service

Every order is strictly required to make history record into computer data bank, especially the sample kept with customer traceable right for 4 years. Accordingly we are responsible for goods quality. As far as goods application we could provide efficient field observer and guidance.

Products Pricture