Humic acid has a milestone fertilizer for organic agriculture and the role of agriculture compared with the current, it has the following characteristics:
(A) may provide non-polluting to society, good taste, food safety and environmental protection food is conducive to people’s health and reduce disease.
Excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, a substantial increase in agricultural production, while inevitably cause pollution of agricultural products, to human survival and life stay hidden. Currently a substantial increase in human diseases, especially cancer of all types increased significantly, all with chemical fertilizer and pesticide pollution is closely
Introduce organic agriculture
turn off. In the past some places “On the mere mention of the food” phenomenon. Organic agriculture does not use chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides, and other potentially cause pollution of industrial waste, municipal waste, etc., so the product is very safe to eat, and good quality, beneficial to the protection of human health.
(Ii) can reduce environmental pollution and to restore the ecological balance favorable.
Currently the utilization of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is very low, generally only 20-40% of nitrogen fertilizer, pesticides in crop attachment rate does not exceed 10-30%, the rest of the influx of environmental pollution. Such as fertilizer poured into rivers and lakes caused by eutrophication, affecting fish survival. Pesticides kill bacteria pests, but also increases the resistance to diseases and insect pests, killing beneficial organisms, and some neutral creatures, the results lead to pest resurgence, so that the amount of pesticides getting bigger and bigger, more and more frequency of administration , into a vicious circle. Converting to organic agriculture production, can reduce pollution, help restore the ecological balance.
(Iii) a favorable increase in the international competitiveness of China’s agricultural products, increase foreign exchange earnings.
With China’s accession to the WTO, international trade of agricultural products subject to tariff regulation increasingly small role, but on the production environment, agricultural cropping patterns and internal quality control increasingly large (the so-called non-tariff barriers), only high quality The product was likely to break barriers. Organic agriculture is an internationally recognized product of high quality, pollution-free green products, so the development of organic agriculture, improve the international competitiveness of China’s agricultural products market, increase foreign exchange earnings.
(Iv) help to increase rural employment, farmers’ income, improve agricultural production levels.
Organic agriculture is a kind of labor knowledge-intensive industries, is a systematic project, requires a lot of labor input, but also requires a lot of knowledge and technology investment, or especially pest problems difficult to solve, but also need to have new ideas. Organic agriculture food in the international market price is usually 20-50% higher than in the general products, some more than double. Therefore, the development of organic agriculture can increase rural employment, increasing farmers’ income, improve agricultural production and promoting sustainable rural development.