Patients go to the hospital, the doctor should first check tests to make a diagnosis before you prescribe the right medicine to prescribe according to the disease, it will get better soon. Fertilization is soil doctor for your land doctor prescribing pharmaceuticals.
We are talking Fertilization internationally known as the “balanced fertilization,” This technology is the implementation of the United Nations in the world’s advanced agricultural technologies. Generally speaking, one soil testing, soil testing laboratory samples of soil nutrient content; the second is the recipe, after the diagnosis of soil nutrients, according to the nutritional needs of crops, “a prescription, dispensing by side”, that is, fertilizer demand ; third is rational fertilization, that is administered under the guidance of scientific and technical personnel fertilizer formula.
Soil testing and fertilizer, not only can save the amount of fertilizer to use, but also with a reasonable crop nutrition is more comprehensive, and thus section of this income. For the environment, it is possible to reduce the environmental pollution caused by fertilizer waste, which has important significance for the sustainable development of agriculture and the environment.
Soil testing and fertilizer, made since 2005, and achieved good results, not only section of this income, you can also reduce crop diseases, improving the quality of agricultural products.